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Chlobo Necklaces

The ChloBo necklace range has been designed and thoughtfully weighted to move beautifully with each wearer and inject glamour to any look. The collection caters to any buyer and budget with statement necklaces, delicate chains, or everyday classics. Each ChloBo necklace is wearable on its own or mingles with others for a brilliantly bold look. The possibilities are truly endless!

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ChloBo Chains

The ChloBo necklace collection features a number of chain designs that are fit for any wearer and occasion. With stacking being a main feature of the ChloBo brand, the collection offers stunning diamond cut chains, link chains, and delicate bobble chains to make a statement with your jewellery. This Silver Link Chain Air Necklace is not only a bold statement on its own, but also the perfect basic to layer other ChloBo necklaces with. The clasp can conveniently be fastened to any link for an adjustable length to suit any style or outfit. Go short to channel the 90’s choker style or long for a boho-luxe vibe.


Or, this ChloBo Hummingbird Rose Necklace which falls delicately on the bobble chain. Ace your base with this delicate chain. The bobble chain is the most desirable necklace of the season amongst fashionable women for its versatility and dainty design. Alternatively, this best-selling Diamond Cut Chain is handmade with multi-faceted 925 sterling silver with an irresistible shimmer that radiates Hollywood glamour. This necklace features the dreamball pendant which symbolises a sacred place to keep all your dreams. Designed with an 85cm length diamond cut chain so you can combine with shorter necklaces, this one will not be leaving your collection.

ChloBo Pearl Necklace

Pearls are believed to symbolise love, luck and loyalty. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also perfect for creating that extra special sparkle to your jewellery collection that lasts a lifetime.


Like this unique Confetti Falls Necklace that is guaranteed to be the centre of attention. A vision from the front and back with its stunning chain of freshwater pearls and 925 sterling silver beads that drape around the neck and fall effortlessly down your back. Its pearl-white beauty pairs perfectly with a backless wedding dress for any bride to-be. Shower your audience in confetti with this elegant statement.


Or, show your friends and family that true love lasts forever with the Forever Love Necklace. Crafted with freshwater pearls and 925 sterling silver, this adjustable piece means you can wear it as a choker, making it ideal for layering and able to comfortably fit everyone, even children. A sentimental classic that can be treasured forever!

Add some charm with ChloBo

The ChloBo Necklace range allows you to mix and match with different charms and chains so you can create a look bespoke to you. Pick from the elements to complete your look and stay balanced. Like this Fire Chain Necklace which incorporates the fire element. The fire fuels energy, passion and ambition. It gives its wearer inner strength and willpower to achieve their goals. Or, this Link Chain Water Necklace to allow yourself to go with the flow, harness your emotions and adapt to any situation.


Your zodiac sign also corresponds with one of the four elements which carry their own characteristics and when combined with other element pendants, their positive and negative properties work together. Shop the full range online today!