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Chlobo Rings

Chlobo rings are handcrafted in the UK using quality 925 sterling silver, 18ct gold and rose gold plating, ChloBo has ensured its designs are adaptable and interchangeable depending on your preference. There is no wrong way to stack your rings as each charm and intricate design carries significance and meaning so you can confidently stack rings that resonate with your true self to build your own unique story.

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ChloBo Bands

With distinctive disc and classic bead bands, the ChloBo rings stand out against the crowd for their stunning craftsmanship inspired by the popular Boho-lux style. The disc and bead design adds a touch of luxury from day to night and stacked with other bands gives an effortless chic finish to your look. Experiment stacking different coloured and mixed metal bands and be inspired with just how versatile each design is. The Rhythm of Water ring is the perfect base to stack your other rings with. Its geometric angles and shapes make this one a staple in your ring collection. Looks just as good on its own too!

Sentimental Charms

Each ring features a charm to reflect the positive philosophies that inspire ChloBo. The ChloBo Feather Ring in rose gold is one of the most popular ring designs for its symbolic feather charm known to connect us with spirits. Finding a feather on your path is a message from your guardian angel, a symbol to remind you that you are never alone. This popular charm is the perfect sentimental gift to yourself or for those close to you.

Sacred Earth Collection

The Mini Air Ring is the perfect embodiment of ChloBo’s brand values that encourage its wearers to stay in complete balance with the world around them. Part of the Sacred Earth Collection, the air element helps to relax your soul and embrace positive change. The air charm also corresponds with the zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, making for the ideal birthday gift for a loved one. Complete your look with other elements and pieces from the Sacred Earth Collection to stay balanced. Shop the full range today.