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Clogau Necklaces

Look irresistible in every outfit by pairing your attire with a timeless Clogau necklace. Our divine collection of Clogau necklaces allow you to walk with grace and elegance. Add a personal touch to your look with an initial necklace or add a note of luxury with a gold Clogau pendant. Shop the full range below.

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Welsh Gold Necklaces 

Clogau is renowned for its fine jewellery pieces which contain rare Welsh gold. Its collection of necklaces perfectly showcases the precious type of metal in the most beautiful of ways, with pieces designed and crafted to some of the highest standards. Not only can the breathtaking pendants and necklaces be added to your own fine jewellery collection, but they can also be given to loved ones as a way to mark all kinds of memorable moments and milestones. 

An Irresistible Necklace Collection 

Clogau necklaces can be paired with almost every outfit. With intrinsic detail and blissful pendants, a Clogau necklace is all you need to make a statement. Featuring a blend of classic and modern styles, find something that truly resonates with you.


For example, you can add a touch of glamour to your attire with the selection of necklaces embezzled with sparkling white topaz, or add a personal touch to your style with a stunning Clogau Tree of Life initial pendant or stylish locket. Clogau gives you endless opportunities to look and feel your very best! 

For Every Occasion 

A Clogau necklace is suitable for every occasion. If you love experimenting with fashion, a Clogau necklace is a versatile accessory to pair with a variety of outfits - whether casual or formal, you’re free to make your own rules.


Make an unforgettable entrance at an evening soirees with the sophisticated Clogau Tudor Court necklace. This piece has been crafted with great meaning and holds beautiful historical significance, making it the perfect choice for someone with a style inspired by the past, too.


Alternatively, the Tree of Life collection features symbolic pendants in a variety of colours, including stylish silver, bright turquoise and bold black, meaning there is an option for every taste. The casual allure of these necklaces makes them the ideal accessory for every day.


Discover the complete Clogau necklace collection online and in store at Coe & Co today.