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Michael Kors Jewellery

Discover the latest styles of Michael Kors jewellery at Coe & Co. The collection features stylish necklaces, rings and bracelets in a variety of colours, including silver, yellow gold and rose gold. Shop the range online today.

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Discover our Collection of Michael Kors Jewellery

Now an award-winning brand of luxury jewellery, clothing, accessories, and more, the Michael Kors story started when the designer recognised his love for fashion at age 5, and went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, while also working at a fashion boutique. With years of experience under the belt, today, the global brand provides chic and fashionable designs for you to feel confident in. 


The Michael Kors jewellery collection combines the brand’s talent for design with its exquisite attention to detail to ensure every piece is special. From beautiful necklaces and bracelets to stylish rings, there is guaranteed to be something in the range for you.

Michael Kors Necklaces

Crafted from the finest raw materials, Michael Kors necklaces push the boundaries of creativity by providing beautiful and distinctive designs. Ignite your jewellery box with one of the dainty gold chain necklaces laden with glimmering Cubic Zirconia stones. Or, create your own look with our selection of effortless pieces such as starter chains or slider necklaces that are easily stackable and versatile. 


Lock your elegance and sophistication with the padlock pendant necklaces available in a warm rose-gold tone, luxurious gold metal, and a selection of exciting coloured gems.

Michael Kors Bracelets

Glide through the day and shine through the night with our beautiful collection of Michael Kors bracelets. From chain bracelets and alluring bangles to stylish cuffs, we have a wide selection of accessories for your wrist! 


Add a bold statement to your evening looks with the iconic gold-plated Mercer padlock bracelets that will instantly grab everyone’s attention. Luminesce through the day and add a bit of glow to your everyday ensembles with our sleek minimalistic bangles with dazzling Cubic Zirconia stones. Or, browse the stylish Mercer cuffs for the finest chic finish for any outfit.

Michael Kors Rings

Style your fingers with our collection of Michael Kors rings. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement design, or a subtle everyday accessory, our collection features something for it all. 


For example, assembled with the finest gold and Cubic Zirconia details, our Michael Kors stacked link ring, which is inspired by the Mercer padlock design, is an everlasting piece that can be passed down to family or friends. 


Discover the complete collection of Michael Kors jewellery online and in store today.