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Nomination Composable Bracelets

Be your own jewellery maker and use our Nomination composable bracelets to create bespoke designs that personally resonate with you! Nomination composable bracelets are the perfect way to unleash your creativity and showcase it to the world.

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Create a bespoke design with Nomination

A unique design that allows you to personalise your bracelet to match your style. The bracelets are assembled with premium stainless-steel links that can be removed or added to perfectly fit your wrist. They are also suitable for any occasion because you can constantly tailor them to match your outfits! 


The Nomination composable base bracelets are available in a variety of colours, including blue, gold, silver, and grey. While the blue metal exudes confidence and casual style, the gold option is luxurious and sophisticated. Our contemporary silver and grey metals are ideal for modern individuals who would like to add a little sleekness to their wrists. 

Showcase your personality with a Nomination composable bracelet

Express your individuality with a Nomination composable bracelet. You can add unique Nomination links to create a bracelet design that showcases your style and tells your story with designs that represent interests, events, milestones and more. 


The bracelets are suitable for both men and women as they can be customised to suit the style and preference of every individual. Make your family and friends feel special by gifting them with an unforgettable distinctive piece of jewellery that allows them to showcase their creativity or help them mark their special moments and occasions with a Nomination composable bracelet.


Shop our collection of Nomination composable bracelets and begin to build your story today.