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Shaun Leane Necklaces

A collection that puts a modern twist on British jewellery design. Shaune Leane’s exquisite craftsmanship ensures that every piece is relevant to today’s society. Our range of Shaune Leane necklaces features bold and beautiful designs that will elevate the look and style of every outfit.

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Innovative Designs

The Shaun Leane necklace collection is ideal for a person who loves traditional British designs but also desires a contemporary twist for a balanced aesthetic. Inspired by ancient times and Egyptian culture, Shaun Leane incorporates this detail and crafts distinctive and mesmerising designs like no other.


The Shaun Leane necklace collection features bold and sharp designs that will certainly get you noticed. If you love simple yet dramatic pieces, the Shaune Leane quill necklace  is one to consider. It has a striking bold pendant which sits on a simple chain and is perfect for adding an effortless edge to your look.

Signature Hook Necklaces 

The iconic Shaune Leane hook design is seen on many runway shows and on your favourite celebrities, it is the ultimate way to make a statement! The Shaun Leane hook necklaces exude modern elegance and make a bold appearance whether worn during the day or in the evening.


Add an element of romance to your look with this seductive Shaun Leane silver hook necklace that has a sleek and feminine silhouette that will mesmerise and attract every eye. Pair this necklace with the Shaun Leane silver hook earrings to make an impactful appearance.


Shop the striking selection of Shaun Leane necklaces online and in store at Coe & Co.