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Thomas Sabo Pendant Cross

Handcrafted with intricate attention to detail, the Thomas Sabo Cross collection is iconic for any jewellery lover. Designed to make a statement, this exquisite range of pendants, rings, charms and bracelets are crafted in many patterns and colours.

The Rebel Kingdom Collection

Inspired by medieval adornments and fantasy tales, the Rebel Kingdom Collection is filled with bold jewellery looking to inspire self-confidence and strength.


Not for the faint-hearted, this majestic collection is full of energy and offers a range of impactful designs. In typical Thomas Sabo style, the collection is crafted from Blackened 925 Sterling Silver and beautiful black zirconia stones. Together, they create an expressive and masculine look and each statement piece reflects a notorious rebel style.


Rich in detail, captivating stones and symbolic beauty, this collection is timeless. 

Thomas Sabo Cross Pendants

The perfect accessory to any necklace or chain, Thomas Sabo’s collection of unisex cross pendants is eye-catching and unique. Bringing together a variety of grungy, sterling silver and brightly coloured gold pendants, this diverse range is truly special.


So where you’re looking for subtle details or a striking statement look, this collection has the perfect pendant for everyone.

About the brand

For more than 35 years, Thomas Sabo has continued to be an iconic luxury jewellery brand across the world. Demonstrating how fine jewellery can be affordable, the brand is known for its intricate designs and symbolic collections. 


From the collection of beautiful Thomas Sabo Charms to the popular cross pendants, the brand is loved by both men and women. Every collection carries its own style and attitude, allowing each and every one of us to express our own personality and look. 


Combining quality silver with quality gems and stone, Thomas Sabo continues to be one of the leading brands for stylish jewellery in the UK and beyond.