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How to Check the Authenticity of your Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

Vivienne Westwood is the creator of some of the most stylish and sought after pieces of jewellery.
How to Check the Authenticity of your Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

Vivienne Westwood is the creator of some of the most stylish and sought after pieces of jewellery, with items often given as gifts or selling out fast and becoming difficult to get hold of. So, whether you’ve been presented with a beautiful piece on a birthday or other special occasion, or have found that item in stock somewhere online, it’s only right that you will want to ensure it is in fact, authentic.


Vivienne Westwood Ariella Silver Tone Necklace

We’ve put together this handy guide on checking the authenticity of a piece of Vivienne Westwood jewellery you own or are planning to purchase. It is always advisable to:


1. Check for an authenticity card

2. Buy from a trusted retailer

3. Make sure jewellery is presented in branded packaging

4. Check that hallmarks and maker’s “orb” mark are present

5. Ensure jewellery upholds high quality standards 


Check for an authenticity card 

The first thing to check for when determining the legitimacy of your Vivienne Westwood jewellery is an authenticity card. These documents certify the originality of the designer jewellery. 

All real Vivienne Westwood jewellery items come with a plastic-free authenticity card made from FSC certified paper. This material also upholds the brand’s sustainable values, adding even greater evidence of the legitimacy of the items in question. 

It’s essential to have an authenticity card because it validates the quality of your jewellery and is particularly important if you wish to resell the items in the future.


Buy from a trusted retailer 

One of the best ways to protect yourself when making a pricey purchase, whether online or in store, is by sticking to a retailer that you trust. This may be through recommendations or past experience, for example. 

But if you have neither of these, trustworthy retailers can also be identified through a certification or authorisation to stock authentic jewellery items. This can be from the brand itself (Vivienne Westwood in this case), an accredited body or a certified third-party. In the UK, most high street jewellery retailers are members of the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ), who have a strict code of practice to ensure customer trust and security. 

Similarly, many trustworthy jewellery retailers will put reviews on their website as evidence of their high quality and reputable items. By reading reviews you’re able to find out about the quality of the items and what other customers think of them and the service they received. However, be sure to check whether the reviews are from real people and they’re not fake accounts. Also, when shopping online, check the URL address of the website to ensure it is secure to avoid buying from a fraudulent source.


Make sure jewellery is presented in branded packaging 

Your Vivienne Westwood jewellery items should always come with branded packaging and a dust bag or pouch. Depending on the items, the packaging is typically a box with a small dust bag/pouch included. It is advisable to check whether the Vivienne Westwood logo is correctly placed in the centre of the packaging box. 

Although these can easily be replicated by imposters, the additional costs associated with adding these extra touches is usually enough to deter. Therefore, a Vivienne Westwood jewellery item that arrives in branded packaging is more than likely to be legitimate. 

However, many reputable online retailers often ship designer goods without these additional packaging elements to help save costs too, leaving the special jewellery containers for the in store experience. Although, any purchase from Coe & Co, whether made online or in store is guaranteed to come with branded packaging, providing extra peace of mind and confidence in your purchase. 


Check that hallmarks and “orb” mark are present

A hallmark is a mark or stamp that shows the composition and purity of a precious metal. Authentic jewellery pieces typically have this mark stamped somewhere discreet, but visible to anyone who needs reassurance of the piece's legitimacy. T herefore, with many of Vivienne Westwood’s jewellery items crafted from sterling silver, a hallmark should be present if a piece is authentic.

Alternatively, a maker's mark is unique to the designer and is usually in the form of the brand name or logo. Authentic Vivienne Westwood jewellery items are embedded with the brand’s iconic orb maker's mark. For necklaces, it is usually on the clasp of the necklace.

Checking for these small details is a useful way of identifying an authentic piece. 


Ensure jewellery upholds high quality standards 

Vivienne Westwood jewellery is crafted from high-quality premium materials, so one way to check the authenticity of your jewellery is to analyse the quality. All jewellery pieces are made from sterling silver, brass, steel or accompanied with alternative metals and stones. 

It is advisable to check for non-symmetrical lining of stones, orb’s that may be ‘off-shape’, jewellery pieces that look ‘cheap’, dull or too ‘blingy’. Although it is normal for Vivienne Westwood jewellery to tarnish in the long run, you should look out for jewellery pieces that tarnish too quickly or leave your skin discoloured. 

Coe & Co are authorised suppliers of Vivienne Westwood jewellery. All our Vivienne Westwood jewellery items come with a letter of authentication and branded packaging whether bought online or in-store. For more information on the authenticity of your Vivienne Westwood jewellery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Or, if you’re looking for a trusted service for your next purchase, you can shop our complete collection of Vivienne Westwood jewellery online and in store today.